Monday, 15 April 2013

BreastFeeding DIY - Tips and Tricks

i think that caption is so true.
Atleast to me.

Its been 16 months already since i started to breastfeed Fakhry.
So far so good.

of course there were up and down days.. faham-faham lah.. mood,stress..
but ingat Allah selalu.
Rezeki adalah hak-Nya. usaha adalah hak kita.

This is my second experiences nursing a baby up to toddler, my first's of course to her elder sister, Kiss.

To maintain an ample of milk supply, from my humble point of view and experiences are:

1.Its not all about what we shall eat to produce more milk, but what we shouldn't eat, actually.

2. Do not skip feeding them, this of course regular pumping every 2-4 hours when you are away.
(keyword : disciplined)

3. Eating moderate, Drink plain water. (please, u no need to eat tons!!)

Pantang!! i pantang nampak makanan sebenarnya..hehe

but please avoid or take less caffeines. These includes coffee, tea, coke and the family, chocolates.
choc i tetap makan.. but kurangkan.
plus,caffeine buat anak susah tidur pun ye..nak ke berjaga tengah malam dengan baby??

Avoid processed foods, fast foods, cans food and all food with lots of MSG like Maggi..oh bessnya maggi kari itu..
oh yes, perasa tambahan mcm cukup rasa, pasti sedap whenever we cook.. kurangkan or tak payah letak terus.

hmm, noticed we always feel extra thirsty when we eat junkfoods, chips etc.
Food with a lots of additives and MSG tends to make us thirsty.
actually, feeling thirsty  is a signal from the brain,
that  the body consumes more water to clean up our tummy
hence all the water goes for the cleaning process instead of milk making.

cuba sehabis baik, stick to natural foods and natural ingredients.
organics food maybe a little bit pricey.
natural foods dah lebih dari memadai..
(just wash and soak the veggies before u cook it to remove the pesticides)

Regular pumping and feeding the baby on demand.
Do not skip this process. tak boleh amik cuti rehat ye.. or else the milk production will decreased.

and the most IMPORTANT thing,
Do not wait untill your breast to engorge untill we feed them or pump out the milk.
Its too late already, once the breast engorged, the message had been sent to the brain to STOP producing milk..
maka, the next 3-4 days or less kita akan  kekurangan susu badan..

kalau dah jadi macam tu, start all over again with extra pumping sessions or frequent direct feedings untill the message re-sent to the brain to start produce more milk back.

Bukan dengan cara makan bertan-tan ye.. kalau makan banyak.. tak semestinya the brain understand it is for the milk making.. instead it turns out to be your extra spare tyres pulak..choii!

the key is - discipline and istiqamah pumping and feeding

yang lain tu, eating healthy and accordingly of course lah..
tak payah paksa hubby beli fancy food
kalau beli fancy supplements..pastu tak rajin makan.. tak jadi juga..
(saya lah itu ,, saya sedar)

mood swing, stress.. semua tu minor reasons from the mummies je.. ewahhh,larikk....

Below details , i copy from here

Foods to Avoid when Breastfeeding
* Shark, Swordfish, Tilefish, King Mackerel are the most important foods to avoid while breastfeeding. (These fish contain a high mercury content)
* Tuna. (No more than one tuna steak or two 170g cans a week)
* All fresh water fish that come from places that are known to be contaminated.
* Stay away from artificial sweeteners like Saccharin.
* Stay away from processed foods; they contain too many additives.
* Alcohol is allowed in small amounts.
* The extra fat on meat should be cut off because it absorbs toxins.
* Coffee (limit to two cups a day) or other caffeinated foods and drink.

hmm.. ikan melayu takde ke.. what about ikan kembung, keli, bawal..

okay..  i copy this picture simply because the mother is so gorgeous..
hmmm.. how lah to look like that while feeding Fakhry..siap ada butterfly lagi terbang2.. :)

okay.. later2 i share my routine food to maintain the milk supply..



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