Tuesday, 23 April 2013

With less than RM10 what can i eat???

So, you left with RM10 and still wanna eat something delich..??
No problem..
We are lucky.. KL is a placed spoilt with abundant choices from street foods to luxurious ones.
sedap or tak.. nasib badanlah kan..

Well, nothing fancy here..
kata less than RM10.
what did you expect??

Just a compilation of food pictures on foods which i already digested..hehe
Streets food, pasar malam... fast foods
for the feast of our eyes..

Takatao for minum petang @ Wangsa Walk - 5 pcs for RM4.90

Pulut Kuning & Rendang Daging for breakfast @ Pasar Tani -RM5

Okinomiyaki Aeon Wangsa Maju - RM4.90

Burger King -RM5.95 Lunch Set
Just like McD yo!

KeowTeow Goreng Mamak
Tesco Ampang early in the morning before grocerries shopping with hubby.

Burger Bakar @ Sunway (ta ingat brand ape) - RM9.90

ok.. nanti sambung.. penat resized and cropped gambar, ada banyak lagi..
nanti sambung..


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  1. tapi yg paling murah tetap bun gardenia delicia...RM0.70


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