Thursday, 28 March 2013

Barbie Tea Party and Her DreamHouse DIY

Oh.. hi..
We're having a tea party..
But of course you are not invited..
This is just for young,curvy with plastic face ladies...unfortunately!

The little host is very busy with the table arrangement.

and even dressing up the guest too.. hmm

All done!!
Her dolls are not single. Apparently, they got kids too.

Noticed the recycle box doll house?? ngeh ngeh..

Lets take a closer look.
She demanded a doll house and even if we promised to ger her one she cannot compromised on waiting.

So, this is the fastest resolution.
Luckily, we just get back from grocceries shopping and bought our routine breakfast, Kellogs Cornflakes and made used the Box.
The size was doubled from the normal Kellog's box  plus it comes with a 'window' too.
we are very lucky parent,huh.

I just cut some lines to make the door and push up the box lid for the roof.
You get a satisfied smiling little girl construction's approval.

oh..btw, the neighbour's house using my old induction cooker's box.
she even decorated the house.

So far so good... its been a week already.. lalalalala..

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