Sunday, 10 March 2013

My heart goes to Sabah..

Peningla buka facebook sekarang...

everybody is an expert in military defense systems, tactics, operations and even what kind  of weapons they should used

everybody is an expert in photoshop analysis, even pictures of the S***'s bodies pun they claimed  its been photoshoped..

everybody is a political expert... hmm, do i need to elaborate more on this...?

everybody is an expert in multitasking....!!! lahh..

Facebook current HOT scenarios..!!
Post..Share..Comment..Condemmm... Like.. Talk Bad.. Sh**tting... Gaduh2.. never ending..!!

instead of being "KEYBOARD WARRIOR" in the comfort of your own air-conditioned room/office.. or any free WIFI zone..

be a true "MALAYSIAN WARRIOR"..  go and fight, volunteer, derma duit.. derma darah.. even as simple as solat hajat sudah buat ke belum..?

ntah-ntah suruh kedepan berperang sendiri... menangis sambil terkencing dalam seluar..*sigh

****wandering myself friend or unfriend??? menyemak je...

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