Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Puding Roti Coklat Mudah ....

Sukarnya nak update blog... ntah apa lah yang bz sangat neh.. but, i had promised myself not to "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" in anything i do.. so, yeah... i will find my way updating i guess.. 

Just wanna share my  another creation, Chocolate Bread Pudding, very simple, easy peasy... felt like cheating pun ade.. and claimed it as a recipe?? bolehlaaaa labuu.

i am a sweet toother .. i can't live my life without dessert or any sweet treats.. Can i  blame the low blood pressure that running down into the gens. Guess i got it from my father. I can easily get tired and shaky if taking late meal and easily refreshed after as simple as a glass of syrup or as posh as a piece of red velvet cake with lots of cream cheese toppings. lalalala...

So making an everyday dessert is like a ... err ... like masak nasi to me.. ohoho. i need those sugarss.. please.!! Maybe as simple as dadih or just digging up a few scoops of ice creams from the tub.. jadiklarr

So and so.. i'm sharing you my other everyday dessert... and its so easy, for sure!

As usual, the ingredients.. 
just buy that Coklat Kismis Gardenia bread.
Full cream milk or susu sejat (evaporate milk) either one or maybe combination of both milk, also can maa.
For a loaf of that bread i used atleast 450ml of milk.
2 eggs.. 2 tablespoons of melting butter or more ( depends on your diet)..
2-3 tablespoons of granulated sugar. up to you. The bread pon dah manis kan.

Cut the bread into pieces. I cut into small pieces so it can easily absorb more of the custard.
                                                                   Theory lah sangat.
For the custard just dump other ingredients togather and whisk it up. 
Pour the custard into the tin with those bread pieces in it.
oh.. don't forget to line the tin with butter ke apa ke .. so its not stick after cook.

Let the mixture soaked for atleast 30-45 mins before u bake them.
This procedure is compulsory, to get a moist bread pudding.

Oh yes..u can either baked them in the oven for 30-40mins with 180C or steam it. Actually i prefer "baking" style.
Your pudding should be ready if the toothpicks coming out clean when you poke it.

Dah siap.

No need chocolate powder nor chocolate bar or even raisins because we had skip those lists by buying that "chocolate bread" ..  lalala

Make it some custard sauce to go with the puddings or its as good as it is.

Try la ape lagi..:)

ps- this link is my second version of another Simple Chocolate Bread Pudding :)

ps- Aurora Collagen, Aurora Slim, Aurora Sx dan Dara. dpatkan Harga diskaun disini...
Betul-betul potongan Harga Tau..

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Another issue going on here,,,:(

The maid was asking for a short holiday.. short lah sangat. I remembered on her very first day entering the house..
"Aku mau kerja 4 tahun kak.. pas 2 tahun aku mau cuti pulang ke Medan.."

And now... 
Its only been a year.. i remind her on the promised she made... 
and she started told me on how much she missed her kids and was hoping to celebrate raya togather... 
i guess she knew me that well. i'm easily melted when talking about these kids.!
Nak nangess.
She promise to coming back after raya.. but faham-faham jelah.. 
This is my third maid... and i'm fully understand that never ever put 100% trust on what they say. Its their culture to give promises and not to fulfill it.. 
Guilty? i guess that word was not even in their dictionary..hohoho.

As a mother myself.. i feel pity on her... Me myself can't even imagined being separated that long with Kiss and Fakhry...
What about the agreement...?The contracts? Didn't you understand completely before came down here..duiii..

Now, me and hubby left with a decision to make. To approve or not to... 
between a contract and humanity..
which should we considers as a priority?  Should we take that risk losing her.. i meant we invested on her rite.. and its not even cheap at all. At least, kerja la 2 tahun!!
After all this while treating you like a part of the family... hmmm.

Deep in our heart we knew already, we will let her to have her holidays this coming raya..
 Yes, we will take the risk.
And if she is not coming back, i guess that is the faith which Allah had written for us. And Let Allah judge her Himself for not keeping the promise.

We were lucky enough for this past year with stress free from house chores and arguing each other on who's not helping who.. and i thank Allah for that.

We had try our best to be a "sempoi" employer to her and treating her like our sister and we didn't think any  reason why she is leaving. i tak fussy pun, okayy. 
So, we choose to trust her on this "holiday" she requested for.
Like Hubby said, " kalau kita tak bagi cuti, nanti dia lari tinggal anak sorang-sorang kat rumah..awak nak??"
Better promised her the holiday..*Sigh

Maid..maid.. Its complicated .. Its Love and Hate Relationship... Ada or takde.. Life must goes on.
I wish its as easy as it say..

and for now on... Nyampah gilee looking at her sulked face!!

Okay.. Thats bad!! My kids loves her... 
Oh Allah.. Lindungilah aku dari penyakit hati and stuffs

(Better to optimize any source of labor in the house, yeah rite!) 

Ps- oh, another whinning entry... Sabar jelah.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

There's an issue going on here!!

i had so many things to write..
my old lappy decided to retire....
so suddenly.. 

with lots of warnings and signals for couple of weeks before..
but silly me..
i decided to ignore... 
i'm so "buta" IT and hardware.. :(
and suddenly the old decided to rest in peace just like that..

now i'm writing on my new one..
so far.. i didn't know either i want to cry or laugh..
cry for all my old pictures i saved from the old lappy which i didn;t manage to transfer to my hardisk..
laugh for getting an excuse to get a new lappy..

my food pictures..
i have lots of recipes to share..
desserts to show up...
kids stories to mumble around..
places i go..
their DIY and the mess...

somebody need to fix this... !! Please..
Take the old lappy's brain out and get those pictures for me..

ps-another whinning enty ... maybe i should put a label on the side bar under label WHINNINGs..Beware!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

When You feeling Down

When you're Feeling Down

When you're feeling down
From the pressure that you hold
Turn around the frown
Remember what you did was bold
Some people come
More people go
Left with only a thought
From the enemy within
Thinking one answer is the solution
But it only sturs up a revolution
We are who we are
Even if they don't see
God is not so very far
The answer is never to flee
Take the chance
To share what you are
Take a good glance
God is not far
Sooner or later
Something will break
The weak are strong
The strong are afraid
Everyone has been wrong
God has given us our own trade
Love God
Love yourself
Love your family
Let God meet you halfway
Take a step forward
Don't walk backwards
Speak out your heart
After it breaks
It can no longer be broken
When you can pck your self up
You realize you are not owned by anybody

By : Mathew Poetry

Cheers !!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Their Star Biscuit!!

Warning : These Entry May Hurt Your Eyes Because Lots of Messy Things Goin On..



Drum Roll..!

Our star of the day..

We are sooo gonna get award for these..
But, Under which category? i bet u know the answer..
Just keep to yourself lah..

Judging from the biscuit appearance,
i want to put all the blame or credit on him..

 oh yeah..blaming the 16 moths tot
 he can't even talk to defend himself.....just yet.

Well, obviously i got a new helper in the kitchen.
Although he was totally new with the industry and inexperience helper..
he got the determination, full of concentrations, passion and he's a fast learner too.

I must say that's the reasoan i hired him at the first place..


Judging from his first day performance..
i must say,
he was...
Lack of teamwork, unable to listen to any of the instructions given, uncontrollable, too much wastages from him, yelled at the boss, unable to maintain cleanliness on work..bla bla..

and on top of that..

oh man..

he was caught "Red Handed"!!

sambil kerja sambil makan lor..
(lagi banyak masuk mulut kot)

so sorry baby,

your service no longer needed atleast for the next 6 mths kot.


when mama totally forgot the major cleaning she had to do..
to you ..and the kitchen as well.
(which one comes first)

Before the disaster.. i think the biscuit were much more "eadible" looking before we frost them..

Oh.. by the way..  i just used the pre-mix cookies fluor, get it from BAGUS's store,
Very easy.. just add with butter and eggs.. but i add a cup of rolled oats.

i had used the mix several times.. using the chocolate mix and plain one...
Really reduce the time spending in the kitchen,mummies....hahah
Do not expect the world class biscuit larrr

Despite from that,
Kids and me had a good time..
we did laughed and yelled to each other a lots..
there's a few panics moments..
when fakhry nearly fell down from the chair..
(he was too much focus on job, avoiding the safety aspect)
Kiss spilled out a bottle of sprinklers on the floor..
i got mad.. she cried hysterically.. fakhry eagerly grabbing as much as he can those sprinklers spreading and into his mouth..
(macam dalam syorga!!)

So, excuse me for the blurry pictures, guys..
am involved in a very hectic situations, you see..

Alhamdulillah untuk kenangan itu..

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tertib Solat Mengampunkan Dosa Memakbulkan Doa.

( i got a friend, jiran lama yang selalu saya refer untuk hal agama, today we had a long chat and here's some )

Me : Akak, macammana nak solat tanpa rasa terpaksa or sebab takut berdosa. Susah nak betul-betul
        ikhlas. Selalu solat sebab kewajipan.

Kakak yang alim : Hmm.. Kita kena ingat, solat yang tertib tu menghapuskan dosa. Fikir tu je.. Setiap kali
                            angkat takbir, ruku', sujud.. semua dosa kita turun satu persatu.. Insya-allah dari situ
                            datangnya keikhlasan.

Me : Tak faham?

Kakak yang alim :Macam kita solat Dhuha.. Kita solat dhuha untuk minta rezeki kan.. Tapi kenapa rezeki
                            tak juga sampai-sampai?

Me : Entahlah.. Sebab lepas sembahyang tak doa kot..  tak sempat.

Kakak yang alim : Bukan... Allah tahu apa yang kita nak, dalam hati kita. Tak perlu buat list pun..Allah tahu harapan kita. sebab itula kita kena perlu solat dengan ikhlas, taat dan tertib. Bukan gopoh gapah. Bukan sekadar menunaikan kewajipan.  Bila solat diterima dengan kualiti yang tinggi, dosa akan diampunkan. Bila dosa terampun maka mudahlah semua doa dimakbulkan.

Me : Jaga solat je ke?

Kakak yang alim : jaga tertib dan kualiti solat.. 

Me : yelah.. tapi susah.. nanti tengah solat anak nangislaa..

Kakak yang alim : Macamnilah...Kalau bibik awak baik, taat pada perintah, kerja dengan ikhlas, tak merungut dan maintain prestasi kerja.. awak akan sayang kan bibik tu kan. Bagi hadiah, penuhi keperluan dia tanpa perlu dia meminta pun kan..  awak tahu ape hadiah yang sesuai.. pakaian yang diperlukan nak bagi..

Me : Betul..betul

Kakak yang Alim : Macam tula kita dengan Allah, kalau kita taat pada Allah, kerjakan suruhan-Nya dengan ikhlas, tak merungut dan banyak alasan.. Allah pun akan bagi ganjaran pada kita.. tanpa perlu dipinta. Malah ganjaran Allah berlipat-lipat kali ganda. Allah kan multi-multi trillionaire.

Me : Ha.. saya dah faham .. betulla kak. Solat elok-elok ye.
(very happy.. kena dapat contoh hidup baru faham.. sengal kan)

Kakak yang alim : Solat dhuha tu dikatakan pintu segala rezeki kerana waktu dhuha adalah waktu paling sukar untuk bersolat dek kerana komitmen masing-masing. sebab bukan senang nak solat dengan tertib di waktu yang sibuk. solat yang tertib dan ikhlas itulah yang memakbulkan doa.. bukan sebab solat dhuha semata..

Me : Betulla kak. Thankss

(ps- adalah sangat penting untuk cari kawan yang betul untuk minta nasihat, sekiranya kita dalam keadaan keliru, marah, bermasaalah, emo dsb. Kawan yang salah akan memandu kita pada penyelesaian yang salah..
dan yang rugi..kite jugeee..kalau takde kawan yang sebegitu, lebih baik mengadu pada Allah je minta petunjuk dan hidayah-Nya, daripada melayan nasihat yang bukan-bukan or provokasi manusia, in my case kalau ade masalah, i memang cari orang alim.. tenang sikit :) )

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Rumah Makan Cibiuk, Bangi with BFFs

Sedapnya makan sini...
Teringat-ingat hingga ke hari ini..


Here's the official address.

or unofficially addressed
dekat SEKSYEN 7, Bangi.
(berhadapan Lebuhraya SILK)

1st May got a lunch date with BFF's masa study dulu.. Tapi tak cukup korum lah..
Should be 5 of us.. But most of them at northern area.

Sebab bawak family.. we ordered that Jakarta set.
RM119.00 included sirap.
For other fancy beverages and desserts, order lain ye.
Total 5 adults and 7 kids below 6 years old.. memang set tu cukupla untuk kami.
Siap berlebih lagi..

While waiting for the food.
Hmm.. dessert sampai dulu..
Servis ok.. takdela lambat sangat consider the restaurant was full house.
lagipun, kitaorang busy chit chat kan..  up dating each other's life,
so memang tak terasa langsung masa berjalan.
Tau-tau dah sampai je makanan..

Ikan Talapia Bakar.. sedap.

i think they marinated with kicap kot..
sebab itam..tapi bukan hanguss..

Cumi goreng crispy and Sup Tulang

Ayam ape ntah.. Sexy!

Ulamsss and sambalsss
These was free.. Just get it by yourself as much as you need dekat stall dalam tu.
there's few variances of sambals, but all were surely very spicy..

Sebelah Sup Tulang tu ade cucur jagung..  It came with the set.
Kan Indonesian slalu makan cucur ngan nasi.

Takde dalam gambar but dalam set skali ialah udang.
Sampai lambat, i dah start makan.. malas nak pegang hp dah.
Potong selera nanti.

Kiss suka ni.. i pun.
Bila la nak try buat sendiri.. boleh makan  puas-puas.

Pisang Keju..
Sedap Banget.
RM 7.90 kot

My BFF with my little BFF.
Kiss dah pandai makan sendiri..
Letak je sotong, ayam and sup.. she finished it all without any complaint.
Sotong ni memang one of her fav!

Ade sorang lagi An, tapi takde dalam gambar..
lagipun dia guy,, tak suka bergambar-gambar ni..

Sundanese Traditional Retro.

Hubby dah plan nak pergi lagi..  ntah bila sebab jauh..
jauh sangaaatttlah.. !


ps- Aurora Collagen, Aurora Slim, Aurora Sx dan Dara. dpatkan Harga diskaun disini...
Betul-betul potongan harge tau...

Posh Me Up

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