Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Puding Roti Coklat Mudah ....

Sukarnya nak update blog... ntah apa lah yang bz sangat neh.. but, i had promised myself not to "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" in anything i do.. so, yeah... i will find my way updating i guess.. 

Just wanna share my  another creation, Chocolate Bread Pudding, very simple, easy peasy... felt like cheating pun ade.. and claimed it as a recipe?? bolehlaaaa labuu.

i am a sweet toother .. i can't live my life without dessert or any sweet treats.. Can i  blame the low blood pressure that running down into the gens. Guess i got it from my father. I can easily get tired and shaky if taking late meal and easily refreshed after as simple as a glass of syrup or as posh as a piece of red velvet cake with lots of cream cheese toppings. lalalala...

So making an everyday dessert is like a ... err ... like masak nasi to me.. ohoho. i need those sugarss.. please.!! Maybe as simple as dadih or just digging up a few scoops of ice creams from the tub.. jadiklarr

So and so.. i'm sharing you my other everyday dessert... and its so easy, for sure!

As usual, the ingredients.. 
just buy that Coklat Kismis Gardenia bread.
Full cream milk or susu sejat (evaporate milk) either one or maybe combination of both milk, also can maa.
For a loaf of that bread i used atleast 450ml of milk.
2 eggs.. 2 tablespoons of melting butter or more ( depends on your diet)..
2-3 tablespoons of granulated sugar. up to you. The bread pon dah manis kan.

Cut the bread into pieces. I cut into small pieces so it can easily absorb more of the custard.
                                                                   Theory lah sangat.
For the custard just dump other ingredients togather and whisk it up. 
Pour the custard into the tin with those bread pieces in it.
oh.. don't forget to line the tin with butter ke apa ke .. so its not stick after cook.

Let the mixture soaked for atleast 30-45 mins before u bake them.
This procedure is compulsory, to get a moist bread pudding.

Oh yes..u can either baked them in the oven for 30-40mins with 180C or steam it. Actually i prefer "baking" style.
Your pudding should be ready if the toothpicks coming out clean when you poke it.

Dah siap.

No need chocolate powder nor chocolate bar or even raisins because we had skip those lists by buying that "chocolate bread" ..  lalala

Make it some custard sauce to go with the puddings or its as good as it is.

Try la ape lagi..:)

ps- this link is my second version of another Simple Chocolate Bread Pudding :)

ps- Aurora Collagen, Aurora Slim, Aurora Sx dan Dara. dpatkan Harga diskaun disini...
Betul-betul potongan Harga Tau..

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