Monday, 13 May 2013

Their Star Biscuit!!

Warning : These Entry May Hurt Your Eyes Because Lots of Messy Things Goin On..



Drum Roll..!

Our star of the day..

We are sooo gonna get award for these..
But, Under which category? i bet u know the answer..
Just keep to yourself lah..

Judging from the biscuit appearance,
i want to put all the blame or credit on him..

 oh yeah..blaming the 16 moths tot
 he can't even talk to defend himself.....just yet.

Well, obviously i got a new helper in the kitchen.
Although he was totally new with the industry and inexperience helper..
he got the determination, full of concentrations, passion and he's a fast learner too.

I must say that's the reasoan i hired him at the first place..


Judging from his first day performance..
i must say,
he was...
Lack of teamwork, unable to listen to any of the instructions given, uncontrollable, too much wastages from him, yelled at the boss, unable to maintain cleanliness on work..bla bla..

and on top of that..

oh man..

he was caught "Red Handed"!!

sambil kerja sambil makan lor..
(lagi banyak masuk mulut kot)

so sorry baby,

your service no longer needed atleast for the next 6 mths kot.


when mama totally forgot the major cleaning she had to do..
to you ..and the kitchen as well.
(which one comes first)

Before the disaster.. i think the biscuit were much more "eadible" looking before we frost them..

Oh.. by the way..  i just used the pre-mix cookies fluor, get it from BAGUS's store,
Very easy.. just add with butter and eggs.. but i add a cup of rolled oats.

i had used the mix several times.. using the chocolate mix and plain one...
Really reduce the time spending in the kitchen,mummies....hahah
Do not expect the world class biscuit larrr

Despite from that,
Kids and me had a good time..
we did laughed and yelled to each other a lots..
there's a few panics moments..
when fakhry nearly fell down from the chair..
(he was too much focus on job, avoiding the safety aspect)
Kiss spilled out a bottle of sprinklers on the floor..
i got mad.. she cried hysterically.. fakhry eagerly grabbing as much as he can those sprinklers spreading and into his mouth..
(macam dalam syorga!!)

So, excuse me for the blurry pictures, guys..
am involved in a very hectic situations, you see..

Alhamdulillah untuk kenangan itu..

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