Wednesday, 13 March 2013

M&M Cookies and A Cool Mum

I think i'm a cool mum...
because..... i'm baking

M & M COOKIESS for them.... ngeh ngeh...ngeh..

considering my mum will never ever bake those cookies for me, once upon a time ago .. kan..:(

so, here's the simple steps in the journey of being a cool mum like me..*cough

yeah..yeah.. i'm using instant biscuit pre-mix.. 
 i bought it from BAGUS baking supplies store recently
very simple..easy peasy..
me..likey :)

 i just used half of the packet though, hence there was only an egg there.

Simply, add the butter and an egg. whisk it untill fully incorparated.
i chose to use electrical whisk to speed up the process.

 adding  a cup of rolled oats to make it healthier a bit.
boleh ke macam tu?
the packet instructions suggest to put some nuts or choclate chips,which  i didn't.
plus i want to save my almonds and chips for other baking projects.

my little helper.
she made sure the "M"s print will always be on top.
whenever, i wrongly put it she will nagging at me...

it is her idea to make the biscuit.
she watched a lot of cooking youtubes lately.
so, banyakla cooking ideas kan..

and of course she will be relying on me to realise her intentions .. kan
sian pulak..
lagipun, i kan cool mum!! hehe



Yummy.. Crispy..Goeyyyyy

we got nearly 50 pcs of these.
oh.. i used mini M & M's instead the normal sizes, so she can put more Mss in one cookie!!!

this is my second time, using biscuit premix from BAGUS.
tak mengecewakan.
the first time boleh tengok previous entry.

but next time i gonna make it from scratch.
mesti lagi sedap lah kot.
i had bookmark few recipes, already..
niat mesti mau ada..hahaha

the proud little chef wannabe dah mandi.

The compulsory procedure after baking with kids..


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