Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Another Random!!

What shall i write?? Duh..
“I would like to see your writing skills. Show me a sample of your report.”
A report to impress an unconvincing interviewer.
I was asked to write a good damm report. And here I am struggling myself to write.
 All this while, for the past of 7 years of experienced, how should I told him, my reports were only consists of solid CAD mechanical drawings and engineering analysis.  Pages after pages full with numbers from calculations and physic theories in order to prove the strength and reliability of one certain product.  And, those pages won’t stop until laboratory tests as well as field’s tests analysis and comparisons graphs drafted in.
Yes, I did write something in those reports either FAIL or PASS. Is it that can be considered as writing skills? No, I don’t think so.
At one awkward time during the session, I almost slipped tongue asking him to check out my blog.  I did write frequently in it, about my thought, my routines, inspirations and random stuff.  Maybe he can just evaluate my writing skills from there. Fortunately, I didn’t. What am i thinking?
As an unconvincing interviewer, I too confused myself in the path I’m going to choose.  Decided to twist  little bit on my career scopes and starts all over from the beginning when I was already placed myself in certain position and recognition with my old career, plus having kids and being a wife to somebody doesn’t help much neither
 I used to have that same kind of perspectives of view and looks judging me in every interview sessions before. But then, it was because am applying for engineering jobs, the field obviously dominated by somebody from Venus. Simply being a girl, my marked seems to be marked down 50% automatically upon entering the room leaving me to fight for another 50% for the real interview sessions.
But hey, indeed I was totally wrong this time, even applying for management role I had put myself into the same situation again. But this times its worst because I was left with 20% marks to go, apparently now I’m having 2 kids and lacking of experiences. I rest my case.  As was said, the only good thing in me is, I stay nearby.
Yes, to be truth, the reason I’m applying the job at the first place was because it was really near to my home. Having a workplace just  a few blocks away and walking distance  from home are simply a bonus points even though  it were quite rare in nowadays working environments.  Went out as early as the sunrises and crawling back at home full with stress overloading in the dark EVERYDAY are the current ‘IN’ trend.
For years, I used to have that kind of life and am fully understand, nobody opted to choose that kind of hectic life, but as a normal civilian, the theory somehow drilled and welded safely into our brain that this is one “RIGHT THING” in life we should be in order to survive. No doubt, the hunger to fulfill basic necessities or to satisfy high end maintenance lifestyle threw us to be slaved on our own needs. And don’t start with the desire to show or please the community around us…?!
I believed in living healthy and maintain a balance lifestyle between careers and family. I believed by having a good health of mentally, spiritually and physically may lead to other successful stories too. Lots of proven data and studies had shown a happy employee served well in the organizations rather than the angry and stress employee. Angry employees tend to skip works, lack of creativity, less responsible and not loyal by changing jobs. So, In order to performs well  or be a top performer one need to be happy and in order to be happy they need to be healthy and balance life between both worlds.
 Err, I will be very happy if my workplace near to my home and saving lots of my times stuck  in traffic jammed on roads and spending those quality time with other beneficial tasks which is will bring me extra points on my end year appraisal. Remember, happy employee equal to performing well.  YES..NO? Well, like it or not no doubt it is a proven theory.
Plus as a raw in the new positions at least my view are fresh and uncommon. It should be advantages to the organizations having staff from diverse backgrounds which leads to diversify angle of views, approaches and strategies to build up a smart and functional teamwork ready to grab any kinds of opportunities.
Adaptability is the common issue brought up.  To me, maturity is something to count for. After all, every different business and job role in the world, the root principles are still the same and applied the very same basics. It is up to a person on how he/she oversees and tackles the problems while providing the best solutions.
So, back to the report, still, I didn’t write any. I don’t think he will impress on a report full with technical and CAD drawings. There will be no writing skills to be proud at.  I ‘googled’ around in the Internet, there are tons of sample reports as easy with a click away.  As simple as that.
But then, there was no point for me simply to copy or editing a report which clearly wasn’t mine.  I don’t want to promise ‘moon and stars’ to them and end up as a loser when the reality hit me back. Life was real and the challenges getting stronger with heavier burden to carry.
To Mr. Interviewer, it’s ok to be careful referring the positions I am applying for. But do please let me squeeze in to your organizations. I’m well equipped and all excited and ready to face the new challenges. J
An hour passed by, beside writing a report i find myself whinning here, luckily its my own blog. Bare with me.. i'm just an ordinary girl and currently all clueless and confused. :( 

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