Tuesday, 14 May 2013

When You feeling Down

When you're Feeling Down

When you're feeling down
From the pressure that you hold
Turn around the frown
Remember what you did was bold
Some people come
More people go
Left with only a thought
From the enemy within
Thinking one answer is the solution
But it only sturs up a revolution
We are who we are
Even if they don't see
God is not so very far
The answer is never to flee
Take the chance
To share what you are
Take a good glance
God is not far
Sooner or later
Something will break
The weak are strong
The strong are afraid
Everyone has been wrong
God has given us our own trade
Love God
Love yourself
Love your family
Let God meet you halfway
Take a step forward
Don't walk backwards
Speak out your heart
After it breaks
It can no longer be broken
When you can pck your self up
You realize you are not owned by anybody

By : Mathew Poetry

Cheers !!

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