Sunday, 28 April 2013

Daiso @ Jusco AEON AU2.. Yes!!

Finally, Daiso opened their new store around..

Biasala.. cheapskater !!
super lovess on Daiso stuffs..
for those who never heard of Daiso,
Daiso actually came from Japan selling, ranging from household items,toys to any cute stuffs you can't even imagined
 like washing sponges decorated and shaped like a cake??
(don't worry, i didn't wasted my money on that..cuci mata jer)

lots of cool and fancy beneficial stuffs with flat prices RM5 on every item.

pasni tak yah pi jauh-jauh lagi as far as to Ikea or Pavvi.

baking tools..
Me and Kiss salivating on these tools..
so, many cuties here like fancy donut moulds, cookies cutters, pancakes shapers, cupcakes liners...endless lists..
 i used to spend a lots on this stuffs larr
to store the milk at work dulu..
here..rm5 only..huhuhu

i bought that in the yellow circle... it said suitable for the feverish kids..
just lay them down on it to reduce the temperature..
yelahh.. whatever..dah beli ponn.

Daiso's 'cool fever' patches pon ade..
cheaper babe.. *wink

Kiss fav!!
That colourful cloths are actually felts.
for artsy hands.. which Kiss extremely believed she is...
so, i bought her origami papers instead..
tu, yg dalam circle tuu.

its good to browse here..
there's a collagen masks with a pack of 3 sheets..
but not so sure the ingredients listed..
unless you read japanese larr
so, "halalan toiyiban" tu diraguii
kalau tak my face dah sehalus minah jepun dah..

2 floors to cover....

sedapp  tau, sits on this machine.
RM1 for 3 minutes..
hilang lenguh-lenguh satu badan..
me and hubby take turns lar..
cer try..

items for the day.. some, not in the picture..
origami,cookie cutter, ankle guard, cards organiser for me.. cute kann english style lagii, and a baking rack.
that ankle guard got FIR supporter..
saje..for my stress feet..

Fits nicely into my Chefel..
Later, boleh lar bake crispy chicken ..!!
i dah jarang sgt goreng ayam utk budak..oily
 selalu bakar je.. but kalau pakai oven lama sikit kan..
using this induction thingy.. cepat..!
but the chicken will turned out soggy from the chicken licquids..
tak dapat
that "deep fries-crispy" effects on the chicken..
this rack help..!
the chicken will no longer soaking while cook in..

nanti i share bila i masak later2..hehehe



ps- Aurora Collagen, Aurora Slim, Aurora Sx dan Dara. dpatkan Harga diskaun disini...
betul-betul diskaun hebat i


  1. akak ~ dekat dengan kedai apa eh daiso ni ??

    1. Sori lmbat reply.. sebelah kedai emas. tingkat 1. depat ladies department AEON.. :)

  2. akak ~ dekat dengan kedai apa eh daiso ni ??

  3. akak ~ dekat dengan kedai apa eh daiso ni ??


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