Monday, 29 April 2013

Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles and a Match

Well owh well..
so, the popsicles fever still didn't end yet..

Just bare with the entry larrr
coz this ice pop taste scrumptiously yummy yet nutritious.
with strawberry bits in..!
I guess, frozen yogurt will never let you down..emmmm

It was the mixture of full cream milk, strawberry yogurts and 2 tablespoons of honey.

Just measure your container volume and prepare the mixture accordingly.
Mine were 100ml each which means i need atleast 400ml of mixture.
Checked the yogurt weight and add the remaining ingredients to the right amount...

Mix it, Pose for a picture, Freeze it and Wait
Makan kacanglahhhh..

When i grown up.. i will play better than them..

Citer lain.. in the evening we took them for a walk and there's a soccer match to watch..
ala..kat padang nearby.. to relese their stress!!
apa yang stress sangat tak taulahh..

tak abis-abis la cabut rumput..

the game nearly started..
bila dah start.. he gave his full concentrations tau..
siap.. angkat-angkat tangan.. jerit-jerit..angkat kaki sepak-sepak angin..
emotional larr
(i think he cursed the player on his own unique way la )

Kiss found her spot to hangin' around..
the dustbin holder...
and felt proud about it..


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