Saturday, 13 April 2013

Selsema,Demam, Cold or Flu??

First, its me!!
i'm pretty sure i caught it while watching movie G.I Joe 2 at TGV Wangsa Walk last week..
2.5 hours trapped in an air-conditioned rooms full with people..
mesti ada yang sakit tu..
the next day, i woke up with headache, body aches, cold.. fever..runny nose..

the next 3 days...
Kiss down with fever with the very same symptoms..

the next 3 days..
another man down!!
my little fakhry...

i'm bringing home the bad bugs and spreading it to my "kesayangan" kids..

i don't know.. wether its flu or cold?
Me and fakhry's apetite definitely decreased..
but Kiss..ok je!
Fakhry only depends on breastfeeding..
and its been 3 days already..

kurus la mama..
i like to be slim..
but not this way..

cepat sihat fakhry!!

okay...esok masak sup..
put all these gingers, cloves, cinnamons, onions, garlics...banyak banyak..

eh..bukan hari-hari ke??

Kiss and me were recovering fast..
sebab.. i tried to avoid ubat selsema tu..
his still below 2 years..

tapi dah bagi dah..

get well soon dear!!

mama..tanak tgk wayang dah...
papa yang salah sebab ajak..!!

so far.. hubby still going strong...

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