Monday, 22 April 2013

Chocolate Popsicles for Dummies :)

Sorry my dear Smarties ...
The title sounded a little bit harsh larr 
No offends.. 
 just the steps were so simple
 and, being amature like me..  i still googled the recipe..lorr.
So,Whoose the dummy here??

Why popsicles?
Eversince we downloaded a simulation game, Popsicles Making Apps on the Ipad,
Kiss insisted to make those ices on her own.
She also watched youtubes like hundreds times for the recipe..
Ciann..layannn kan.
i pun teringin..tettt

Okay..lets go for the very first step.

Assembling the ingredients.

 Any chocolates bar or cooking choclates, 320ml full cream milk, 2 tablespoons of condensed milk
a Popsicles Container!!
we got it from Daiso..RM5 larr

Heat the milk and condensed milk, take it away from stove and threw the chocs pieces in.
No need to simmer the milk just warm enough to melt the chocs only.
Kiss took part from here,
whisked it untill fully incorporated.

Each Popsicles only needs 100ml of any your favourites mixtures..!

we did put some choc chips into the bottom of each container before pouring the liquids in.

Let it rest in the freezer overnite or atleast 4-6 hours.

Then, enjoy it on the hot sunny day..!

Si manja kakak..
So.. manja to his sister..

See... sekejap-sekejap datang mintak kakak suap..

This one was 'sirap bandung' version.
But, i still used full cream milk sebab nak bagi bebudak kann..

Next, we are going to make Nutella popsicles.. lalala

Its nothing near to a super yummy desserts,
but the process-making and delegating tasks to her really made her day.. making her feels important.
 this is another way to bond with your kids..
chewahhhh.. chewahhhh..

Try eh..

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