Tuesday, 21 May 2013

There's an issue going on here!!

i had so many things to write..
my old lappy decided to retire....
so suddenly.. 

with lots of warnings and signals for couple of weeks before..
but silly me..
i decided to ignore... 
i'm so "buta" IT and hardware.. :(
and suddenly the old decided to rest in peace just like that..

now i'm writing on my new one..
so far.. i didn't know either i want to cry or laugh..
cry for all my old pictures i saved from the old lappy which i didn;t manage to transfer to my hardisk..
laugh for getting an excuse to get a new lappy..

my food pictures..
i have lots of recipes to share..
desserts to show up...
kids stories to mumble around..
places i go..
their DIY and the mess...

somebody need to fix this... !! Please..
Take the old lappy's brain out and get those pictures for me..

ps-another whinning enty ... maybe i should put a label on the side bar under label WHINNINGs..Beware!

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