Sunday, 26 May 2013

Another issue going on here,,,:(

The maid was asking for a short holiday.. short lah sangat. I remembered on her very first day entering the house..
"Aku mau kerja 4 tahun kak.. pas 2 tahun aku mau cuti pulang ke Medan.."

And now... 
Its only been a year.. i remind her on the promised she made... 
and she started told me on how much she missed her kids and was hoping to celebrate raya togather... 
i guess she knew me that well. i'm easily melted when talking about these kids.!
Nak nangess.
She promise to coming back after raya.. but faham-faham jelah.. 
This is my third maid... and i'm fully understand that never ever put 100% trust on what they say. Its their culture to give promises and not to fulfill it.. 
Guilty? i guess that word was not even in their dictionary..hohoho.

As a mother myself.. i feel pity on her... Me myself can't even imagined being separated that long with Kiss and Fakhry...
What about the agreement...?The contracts? Didn't you understand completely before came down here..duiii..

Now, me and hubby left with a decision to make. To approve or not to... 
between a contract and humanity..
which should we considers as a priority?  Should we take that risk losing her.. i meant we invested on her rite.. and its not even cheap at all. At least, kerja la 2 tahun!!
After all this while treating you like a part of the family... hmmm.

Deep in our heart we knew already, we will let her to have her holidays this coming raya..
 Yes, we will take the risk.
And if she is not coming back, i guess that is the faith which Allah had written for us. And Let Allah judge her Himself for not keeping the promise.

We were lucky enough for this past year with stress free from house chores and arguing each other on who's not helping who.. and i thank Allah for that.

We had try our best to be a "sempoi" employer to her and treating her like our sister and we didn't think any  reason why she is leaving. i tak fussy pun, okayy. 
So, we choose to trust her on this "holiday" she requested for.
Like Hubby said, " kalau kita tak bagi cuti, nanti dia lari tinggal anak sorang-sorang kat rumah..awak nak??"
Better promised her the holiday..*Sigh

Maid..maid.. Its complicated .. Its Love and Hate Relationship... Ada or takde.. Life must goes on.
I wish its as easy as it say..

and for now on... Nyampah gilee looking at her sulked face!!

Okay.. Thats bad!! My kids loves her... 
Oh Allah.. Lindungilah aku dari penyakit hati and stuffs

(Better to optimize any source of labor in the house, yeah rite!) 

Ps- oh, another whinning entry... Sabar jelah.

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  1. Kalau bg dia balik jugak , jgn bagi gaji terakhir dia...

    kalau dia x balik sini balik, kiranya duit dia hangus.


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