Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Instant Cookies Mix ! Biskut Magic

la.. ? Raya dah lepas..  tiba-tiba buat biskut raya ni kan.. 2 jenis pulak tu.
Hmm.. sebab mamanya rajin?? Maybe...
 oh no.. definitely no!
Sebabnya adalah......  please refer picture below..

Lets see the Expired date tu..
Yup..end of this month.
My Instant Cookies Flour nak expired la.. tu la sebabnye.
bila beli?? hmm.. i guess, sometimes before last Ramadhan kot..
kononnya nak buat untuk raya la tu.. last2 ke laut.
hmm.. atleast my good intention went as far as buying instant cookies mix.

last raya i just made 1 type of cookie, choc chip cookies. nanti buat i share resepi.

follow the instructions carefully..
oh, btw 100gm of eggs are equal with 2 large eggs ye.
then i got...
500gm of cookies mix..?

at first.. i got no idea nak buat ape.
i think, masa beli tu i did took the booklet recipe on how to use the mix.
of course la, by this time that booklet dah hilang kan..
organised sangat.
so.. terpaksala guna my own creativity.

half of the batter.. i just buat bulat2 and baked it in paper cups.
dah masak tunggu sejuk, i pour some melted chocs on it.
( cooking chocs from raya haritu.. banyakk lagi dek kerana berangan nak buat itu ini tapi tak kesampaian..)

and anoter half of it, i try buat choc chip cookies.
just mixed with a cup of choc chips and another cup of fakhry's organic rolled oats.
mama minta sikit oats ye,baby.
oklaa tu.. kann

of course my little chef in the making was busy too.
hmm.. she helped me by sprinkled the choc rices onto the cookies.

the ratio was like..
half of the rice masuk mulut dia.. quater scattered all over the table and floor and the last quater safely landed on the main subjects..
well.. the job delivered, what.!?

Busy eating the choc rices.  syyy.

Freshly out from the oven.
I  made big fat cookies dengan harapan batter cepat abis.. dah malas la tu.
sedap jugaa..
best tau.. suam2 tu..
laju je kitaorang makan ..
first batch tak sempat sejuk tau, selamat.
dengan fakhry munching togather..

Kiss after shower
i guess it is the standard procedure when baking with her..
comot abiss setiap kali selesai episod.
kena sabun and shampoo segala..

hm taste wise? well, sedapla juga consider on how easy to prepare it.
and the cookies mix were quite versatile too.
hey.. i made two cookies in one batter..kan!
killing two birds with one stone. heh

but i prefer my choc chips cookies using the non-instant recipe instead..

so here goes, my biskut magic to recipe magic too...
bolehla beli instant lagi..kalau nak buat projek dengan kids..
for the kids DIY..
very easy peasy lah


saje nak menyelit juga si kecik ni..
busy as bees..
dah masuk.. tak tahu keluar.

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