Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dadih for Dummies ;)

Oh.. Its My New Discovery..
 Making dadih is as simple as ABC !!!

If i knew it earlier, i'd never spending so much on ready made dadih from the Pasar Ramdhan  during every Ramadhan months also during occasionally visit to pasar malam.

i wish i got a courage to try it before, as all of us Kiss, Hubby and me likes it so much.
hmmm.. skarang Fakhry pun..
(the reasoan i wanna make myself, is to reduce the sugar contains for the kids)

Just bought a packet of instant Dadih with any kind flavour of your wish and it will ready in a blink!!
(eh.. you have to wait for an hour atleast untill it sets, well of course :)
unfortunately, thats will be atleast h3600 of blinks, peeps)

i dedicated this entry, to whoever had spent so much on dadih, but quite unconfident to make it, couldn't visualised it..ade prasangka buruk about the procedures.. just like me..

Here you are, Dadih for Dummies!!


 i choose this brand..  my dadih turned out good plus Halal too.
i'd try another brand the next day.. tak berapa ummphh lahh
choose the flavour,  mine was strawberry
and you need a can of evaporated milk, as well..

The instructions were quite straightforward.

Bring to simmer 3litre of plain water,  a can of milk and 100gm of sugar.
( i reduced to 1-2tblspoons of sugar only)

Rip off the package, you will find these 2 packets.
Once your mixtures were boilied, put off the fire.
Wait a few minutes before you add in the big packet followed by the small one.
The smaller packet actually is the sugar.
i reduced it to half packet too.
Constant stir until fully dissolved.

yeay.. Siap!!
quite a lot right.
before this one tub cost me rm1.50.
atleast i need to buy 3-4 tubs for everybody.
1 instant packet cost me only the calculation..

taste wise.. yummy.
wayy better from bought ready made one.
maybe susu lebih ke buat sendiri.. ntahhla.
tapi jauhhh lagi sedaplah.

Enjoying her dadih.
Adik pun suka.

i dah buat 2nd batch flavour pulak.

as our dessert, cooling.. and soothing the throat as well.

Try eh.

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