Monday, 21 January 2013

Crepe Tradisional .. My version!

Since Kiss had asked for this for three days in a row, this crepe might be good lah kan, hehehe
angkat bakul

so, i thought i should share this to other mummies too..
because the recipe is too simple to be true..:)

well, i got the recipe from my MIL
She made this for Kiss while we were there..
Cepat-cepat asked for the recipe.. sebab the taste was so good
lemak lemak manis macam tu
it was good even as it is!!

all i need were (estimation je ni)
 a cup of fluor, 2-4 tablespoons of santan serbuk (my MIL mestila pakai santan fresh kan, but trust me
 i tukar santan serbuk pon the taste still sedap je) 2 tbsp of sugar, pinch of salt, water.
btw, this portions of ingredients may get up to 4-5pieces of crepes

tepung,santan serbuk,gula,garam campur sekali..
 then tambah air sikit-sikit while u whisk, until dapat the right consistency
no need to wait..
terus dadarkan on the pan with medium heat.

oh, kalau pakai santan cair.. tak payah pakai air pun takpe..
cairkan je santan pekat tu then kacau terus..
so senang kann

to me of course la..
sebab i bandingkan dengan making pancake
kena melt the butter la,  add eggs and baking powder..
kena rest the batter before we cook it..
then, ade possibility tak jadi pulak..

which is sooo unlike this crepe..
insya-allah..gerenti jadi..

so this crepe is a good alternative to pancakes for Kiss and adik..

she still referred it as a pancake though....hmm
her topping's choices for the day were honey and choc chips

oh..makan dengan kuah durian pasti sedap.
my mum dulu2 selalu buat
skarang kuah durian makan ngan roti je..
mudah dan cepat..alahaii

i called it as my version simply because i used powdered coconut milk la
tu je yang diubah pun
sebok claimed own version kan..
kena tangkap nanti..

Fakhry lena diatas riba sambil mama tengok tv..
gigih bertahan dekat half an hour, tak letak dia atas katil..
takut terjaga.. and cry cry
and i will miss my favourite tv programme..
sampai kebas2 lah kaki tu..
lenguh kepala lutut

ish ishh..



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