Sunday, 2 June 2013

Chilli's Klcc with BFF!!

Finally, after several years and whatsapp"ing each other non stop, recently we met. 
Without a hint she called telling her currently in town, and already calling a few of of our cliques to join her for lunch.
Hmm.. without even any second thought, i found myself spontaneously agreed, cancel everything i'd already planned for the evening and find any logically excuses just to meet her while getting the free lunch. 
So, not me.. (dah jadi mak2 ni.. mana boleh spontan2 kan)
in this case was totally different, just like there was a special forces urged me to do so..
Thanks Yan, blanja..:), btw

 Just enjoy the food picture first.

The starter - Tripple Dippers. There's deep fried chicken flesh,  chicken  wings  and some kind of egg rolls with three different dipping's sauces to go with.
My Southern Grilled Lamb.

Her Flame-Grilled Rib eye.

At the end of the day, only two of us make it the date.Well, Those foods were too much for both us. And don't even asked me how much i rate the lamb and taste wise etc..We were so busy talking and updating each other... my mouth munching but my mind only focus on listening and chatting. Boleh tak..? I just remember the mashed potatoes were delicious and that's all. Guess, lama sangat tak jumpa....i tak focus langsung on food instead of her.. all about her.. while reminiscing our old days.

We spent the next 3 hours in there, ignoring the waiters nosy around, she had a very loud voices, there were times we burst into laughter, and there were some serious times that we cried and sebak2 for each other stories.  Pastu cam whoring like nothing happened. Yes..we were crazy like that.


She is so gorgeous rite. Feel like "makcik" instantly.. huhhu.

i really treasured the friendship she had offering me for the past 10-12 years.
i remembered, she was the brightest girl in the class, taking serious on her studies, outspoken, cheerful   , tegas but sensitives... and she has an elegance neat handwriting's too.
instead sharing the same subjects and classes to struggle on, we shared the same hobby ape lagi shopping.
Those days, we can go shopping between classes, spent hours in the malls and fitting rooms, spending both Mara and FAMA loans on shoes, bags.. and the lists were unbearable for just a student like us.
Both of us had a "kancil" so travelling as far as to Penang to shop was not even a problem.
Terukk betul.. but i swear, if i was sent back to those time, i did the same thing again..  even worse kot.
lalalalala...sebab best sangat!! 

She helped me a lots on studies..  and i remembered she will call the night before exam to update on topics to study or just updating what subjects she covered bla bla.. 
i thank her for this.. because then i will be extra alert and prepared myself even more for the exams.
I'm so lucky to have her as a friend kan..
And after graduated, we did met a few times, renting a hotel room just to have a sleepover with the other 4bff's dayang, cik no, sue and ct.

 How i wish we can lying down sharing the same bed and pillow again, continue talking and sharing problems, exchanging hopes and dreams, holding hands in hands when each of us in needs like the good old days.
Well, Life goes on. The reality of life hitting non-stop and i pray to Allah, the best to all my bff's. 

I found myself its hard to let her go.. how fragile she is alone facing the cruel world and the selfish crowd.. but then deep in my heart i knew, the good person as she is will always taken care of by Allah.

I left KLCC that evening with a big relief and a smile on my face.


Until we meet again, Insha Allah.


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