Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Nasi Arab @ Saba Setiawangsa

Hmm.. another food entry..? because we simply loves to eat.. jadi orang Malaysia kena kuat makanlah kan.Dah banyak makanan sedap... tak tahan nak cuba.

This is my third time here..  Hubby tetiba teringin nak makan.. so off we go. Enjoy the picture je lah.
Mandi Lamb - Large Portion RM30

Tak silap.. menu described this rice cook with the lamb stock itself. And the Lamb cook inside the pot together with the rice.. macam tulah.. so that's why we order this. Macam sedap je bunyinya.. And, that red basmathi rice came from saffron's colour.

So below ni menu je.. for our future refernce. Or, for you all nak survey2. I tak snap semua pun.. there's a lot of pages..

The Menu
Kabsah Lamb. I did try before.. Its like combination kuah kurma and kari.. Berkuah laa.. sedap juga.
And Harith Lamb pun i dah try.. its a grilled lamb marinated with their special sauce and baked in the aluminium foil.. Pon, sedap juga..
Obviously, i peminat lamb kan....Ayam? kat rumah pon boleh masak... lalala

The Light Order- Maybe for the kids or yang tak makan nasi.

My portion. Sepatutnya cukupla untuk 2-3 orang for large portion. 

The bad is.. kena ambil sendiri that kuah dhal and sambal tomato tu. They prepare a station so we can just fill that tiny container with the gravy. Both of us didn't knew, and we already ate halfway while complaining to ourselves on how slow the services is. Then, i noticed people kept going to that station refilling/taking something, only then we realized its self service. The waiter didn't bother to inform us pun. 
Only last year, i went with my parents but by that time they still served in a bowl.(hidangla tu)
i didn't knew why they "improvised" the system? Afterall, we paid the service tax kan..:(

our Mandi Rice that day terasa agak masin. Nasib takde darah tinggi.

The Location :
(Berhadapan Setiawangsa LRT Station)
1-01 Dataran
Setiawangsa, Jalan Jelatek
54200 Kuala Lumpur

Tak silap ada satu lagi cawangan kat Cyberjaya. 

Masin pun habis. :P

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