Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Seoul Garden with BFF's

Hmm.. bff lagi? Well this one from the high school version.
Lama sangat tak jumpa especially with Hana.. and Syida was in the town for the school holidays last May,
of course tak tunggu lagi and set the date!!

 lets talk about the food. 
Best makan kat sini.. We chose Seoul garden simply because..
it is a buffet type restaurant and all you can eat and boleh duduk lama-lama, makan pelan-pelan non-stop sampai perut tak boleh terima ape-ape lagi.

Btw, we dined at Seoul Garden, KL festival City Setapak.
RM27++ per head tak silap.. for lunch time.
Dinner and weekends mahai la sikit.. biasalarr

Okay, enjoy the picture jela..

Official cook of the day.

Since she was the most experienced Seoul Garden eater, so dengan sendiri volunteer jadik tukang masak.
Siap apply membership bagai lagi that day.
Okay juga.. Hana and me only concentrated on the most important tasks, eating!!
yes, of course we delivered our tasks with flying colours!! 

The sauces. Ada banyak sauce selections..
But me and Hana prefer Korean Sauce.. barula rasa authentic makan Korean Food. Konon.
Feeling sikit.
And, for the local tastebud's like Syida.. hmm kuah air asam and sambal kicap pon ade.
Tak mencabar langsung..:P

Kimchi and tomatoes.
Masam-masam pedas.. i liked. 

The first set.
The reasons why the table looked so clean and tidy.
Sekejap je.. lepas tu totally chaos and messy. 
The true colors revealed soon after that!
Makan ta hingat. 

Hmm.. Proudly to annouce we were the meat eater.
Sooo carnivorous.
 Rasanya daging yang paling banyak diambil and semua sepakat tak amik all the processed foods like chicken balls etc. Rugi-rugi nanti.

Oh udang..

Lamanya duduk dalam tu. Asik ketawa and ketawa while we went back down to our memory lane.
Mesti terjejas selera orang meja sebelah..
Yelah.. ketawa macam hape ntah.

So sorry.
Just now i remembered, meja sebelah bawak parents (warga emas) datang makan ramai-ramai.
Mesti tak selesa.Duiii
So sorry pakcik and makcik.
Lain kali we behaved ourselves.

The desserts.
well of course semua syida yang sediakan.
Ingat lagi, i cakap nape amik aiskrim sikit sangat nanti dalam gambar nampak tak cantik..boleh?
and she garnished the ice-cream with kelapa kering and kacang. Pelik ok.
Tapi bila makan sedap laaa pulak.
well we had 2 bowls of ice cream even though masa tu perut dah sengsara gile.
We just thought that the meats needed some "cool" company down there.

The bff's.
Syida and Hana.
How would i said about them.

 I thanked Allah for sending them to me. They were the reasons i had good memories at school. 
The reasons i want to look back and claimed i was in "the" school.
They accepted me with open arms when i was in the most weakest, messiest, defeated, screwed,all clueless and lost time in my entire life even though they can have the 1000x better ones.
And put me as their best friend while my good old ones stepping out.
Seriously..what was both of them were thinking kan?

owhh.. zaman budak-budak kan, lawaklah.
 i meant mesti malu sikit nak kawan ngan budak comot and "bijak pandai" ni.
 Maybe they didn't realize how big significant they made into my life facing that "hard" time.
Thank-you Girls. Both of you were liked an angels.
Hanya Allah yang dapat membalasnya.

I learned about the real and true friendship from them.
For not to judge and accepting others good and bad. To put away bad sentiments and boundaries with everybody around me.
I must say, that was one important life-lessons for me.
ishh..sebak pulak aih.

Okay.. PenutuP.
Walau perut dah sendat ... we managed to squeeze these.
Hebat sangat kan.. Perut macam stokin. Boleh mengembang bila diarahkan sedemikian.
From "Each A Cup".
It was a bubble drinks. 

Okay girls. Untill we meet again. Tak sabar tunggu plan December nanti. Hopefully menjadi dan dipermudahkan-Nya.

Alhamdulillah untuk Pertemuan itu.

Ps- Hi timah.. !(waving hands) Malunyee....:):):)


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