Monday, 1 July 2013

The 7th Anniversary

1st July 2013.
Its our 7th Anniversarry.

So what did we get for ourselves??





a 65" plasma TV worth RM22k !!

Kebaboommm.. Meletops kan!


unfortunately.....No :(
Berangan lah sangat..

seriously what did we bought for us??

An AirFryer..!! 

both of us can have our fried chicken and potatoes fries without feeling guilty and getting the body slimmer a bit.
( Had been reading a few good reviews on this machine.. u can fry foods with only a tablespoon of oil but still as yummeh and crunchy as deep oil fried results. Maybe they use the hot air to cook, guess so ...but,
How cool is that, kan ??)

No... not in the budget just yet..
Please continue with grilled chicken... please.

By the end of the day we decided to  put this two "precious" into our shopping trolley.
Nak tau ape ke?? 


A girl and a little boy to take home!!
ok larr tu......


Happy Anniversary Dear Hubby.

Looking forwards for more years together with more laughter, joys, happiness, prosperous, foods, quarrels,
"i love u forever"s day  and "i hate you forever"'s day together!!

Thank-you for being patience with me..
yes,dear,You're welcome..
(Hey.. i'm doing well in the "patience" things too,what)

Lets be "tua" and watching them growing up together..!

Alhamdulillah. Tq Allah for blessing Us.

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