Monday, 15 July 2013

Resipi Makaroni Bakar Mudah

So, this is one of the dish on our Iftar for Day 5. 
oh, we invited my siblings and family to join us at home that night.

The next day, i made another batch for my hubby's siblings pulak.
Meriah berbuka puasa dua hari berturut-turut. :)

Senang je nak buat.. I suka buat ni for potluck with friends.
Sebab nampak "cool"  tapi.... simple gila.
And, confirm there will be no duplication on this menu.. macam kalau bawak agar2 ke, mee goreng ke maybe the other peers will bring the same too, kan..
and end up people will comparing your mee goreng with the si polan A yang terror gila masak.. oh no!!
huhuhu, i sungguh tak yakin bab2 ni,
so this dish will minimise the risk
so better bring something yang orang tak biasa sangat makan,, so kalau tak jadi ke, we can just pretend, memang macam tulah the end result taste that it should be.
sambil buat muka konfiden.

am i genius or what ? 

My baked makoroni.
Ingredients : makaroni, minced chicken, or meat, 1 large onion and a few garlics, 1 can of any prego sauce ( i choose carbonara sauce), any veggies if you wish to respect the food pyramid ( i don't care , me just put coriander leaves je, maybe you can add mushrooms, shredded carrots..any) salt and pepper to taste, 2 eggs, cheese slices or any of your favorite cheese.

i pakai this sliced cheese. Mozzarella shredded cheese lebih sedap.
mixture oh both cheese lagi ummph..
i just choose whatever i got at home.

Method :
Boil the pasta. Put aside.( For my size of tray, i only used half of the normal macaroni's packet)
Saute the chopped onions and garlic s.
Dumped in the minced chicken or any source of protein's will do
Veggies if you wish to.
When, chicken fully cook, put the prego sauce followed by macaroni.
taste the salt and pepper.
Break 2 eggs. Stir for a while. No need to wait until the eggs to get really cook.
Fungsi telur tu untuk bind the macaroni. 
Throw the cook pasta into the baking tray
The cheese onto the pasta.
Bake it for 20-30 mins in 170C.
( Masa bakar tu agak-agak je.. after all,everything in was already cook, just nak melt the cheese and get the garing effects.. i pun bakar cepat sangat aritu..)

4 slices just enough.. I  "sayang" my arteries and all my guest's too.
( ke nak save the remains cheese for tomorrow's batch)

Ha.. The dishes.
I masak nasi jagung and kurma daging, ayam bakar beli..hehe then from Param, our guest bring kuih lopes, ayam percik, mertabak maggi and kerabu mangga .

The said ayam percik..

Penampilan istimewa mertabak maggi.

This Kerabu mangga goes very well with my nasi and lauk.

so, this is our honorable guest for the Majlis berbuka puasa.
Presenting, Little Nine.. dia sebaya Fakhry tau.
Lupa nak ambik gambar berdua.

Alhamdulillah, dah hari ke 5...

ps- Aurora Collagen, Aurora Slim, Aurora Sx dan Dara. dpatkan Harga diskaun disini...

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