Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Is it me hating to satisfy others?

Sometimes we can just be that stubborn
To accept views 
And those nosy noses poking your life around
Sometimes their concerned were right, though
Even its hard to swallow
Am i entering my own custom made gallows?

Is it all about me...or is it all about them
Still, i don't have the answer to back frame
What is stopping me to do so..?
Why is it so hard to let go
So very clueless
I'm breathless
In the world of heartless

Ya Allah... Guide me accordingly

Its hard to even making a step
But I need to run somehow
Its hard to even dance a tap
But i need to tango,  like NOW!!

Am i in the wrong time zone?

Is it me...Is it me 
Is it for the best of me 
Is it for the best of them
Is it me hating to satisfy others?
Hence, i stop myself listening advises
Is it me hating to satisfy others?
Hence..i'm living in denials

Ya Allah, Please don't give up on me. Astaghfirullah.
Bismillah for the new chapters of me.Amin.

ps- huuhu..lately banyak randomss. 

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