Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Her Arts & Crafty Day!

Last Weekend punye cerita.
Well, ada arts & crafts exhibition in her school last Saturday. 
So, off we went to support. Kiss pun all excited.
Bibik pun ikut sekali.. sebab dia pun nak tengok.. no doubt she played quite important roles in the kids life, so kalau ada apa-apa about the kids, i feel she deserved a seat. 
and she was looking forward too.. :)

The Jelly fish
hmm.. ada hundreds of pictures.. letak sikit sudah.
Belakang tu ada board's giraffe

Rockets from the used mineral water's bottled
mini pc from the used egg's container.. amboi kreatip.

in the ocean guys..

Fakhry tu tahan sabar je... dia mintak turun actually, tapi tahankan je.
ade satu masa terlepas turun, abis terbalik semua all the displayed items.
kelam kabut kabut kitaorang kemas balik, sambil tersenyum-senyum kat teachers.

pineapples and alligators

Santa Claus !! Comel je kan...

hmm.. i wonder why?
if it is an arts and craft projects, why all the rockets's windows should be 3pcs each one, why the alligator's spots glued at the same place in the same order, why the mini pc got the same colour, why every ocean got the same creatures with same size in it??
shouldn't arts and crafts is one of the ways for the kids to explore their own creativity and imaginations?
why we should put certain rules, boundaries and limitations on their creativity. After all, its their own artsy projects,kan? 
Is it that important for the teachers, to please the parents by showing some beautiful, neat and presentable looking projects?
Hence, their artsy works were turning like answering an objectives papers with one certain schematic answer to score?
Come on , making artsy things will be no fun at all if we stricted the 4-6 years old kids with guidelines to follow..
As a parents myself, i don't mind at all attending exhibition's with messy looking thing, jellyfishes wearing crown, rockets with 10 windows, alligators wearing shoes.. or even pink pineapples with blue leaves
Its ok..ITS OK..really!!
Lets kid be kid.
Lets them express their unique ness tu...(adeke such word-bantaii)
but i guess, i je yang dok terpikir macam tu.. i tengok orang lain ok je. 

i pon tak tau nak feeling proud or pity to her?? 

with one of her bestie.. she influenced her to wear tudung actually.
Now once a week Kiss will request to wear tudung to school, too.
kecik-kecik dah pandai berdakwah..  gud job mia.

Her class teacher.Yang banyak bersusah payah untuk Kiss.
And she is Kiss's favourite teacher.. Dia la yang dukung Kiss from the car, di hari Kiss tanak keluar dari kereta sbb tanak pi school.. and Kiss akan sejuk hati, sebab teacher want her to be at school, especially bila start school after long holidays..
Ni citer masa tahun lepaslah..

Her idol.
She is 6 years old. She took care of Kiss a lot.
Especially last year, when Kiss is still a freshie. Dia la yang bawak kis ke toilet, ajak makan segala.
of course teacher yang cerita.
Tq, shareena... susah2 je.Ni mesti jadi pengawas sekolah nanti. 

tengok kat belakang tu.. yang arts mural on the wall tu..
pakai lipstick mama, ok!! 
abis sabatang.. mula dia pakai kat mulut.. pastu lap kat dinding sebab tangan dah berlemuih..
pastu timbul idea kreatif.. conteng terus..
Nak explore creativity sangatt lah konon kann... cik mama oii.
owh.... padan muka i ke??  Tak baik tau.. bulan puasa ni..

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