Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Whip the cream Up! - Carbonara Pasta

Okay.. here goes my easy peasy recipe.. Kiss lover her carbonara spaghetti so much. We ordered her the spaghetti everytime when we dine in  at any western restaurant. Now, her brother seems to follow the sister, obviously he loves the carbonara sauces too.

This is so basic recipe  i usually used for the kids. 
Recipe very funny.. sebab i nak habiskan whipping cream.
Actually it should be cooking cream ye..

Boil the pasta  to ala dante. ( i tak, because fakhry pun makan, so rebus lama sikit). Toast it. I grated some carrots, ni patut takde ni.. tapi takkan takde sayur kan..  just put some fibrela. Guys, pleaseee pay some respect to the food pyramid ..ok

First, sautee some garlics with butter + olive oil. Then put the chicken in ( or any source of protein). Lets it cook for few minutes. Dump in the pasta and grated carrots. Stir around and pour some creams. Tastes it with salt and pepper. Siap!!

2 serving for kakak and adik.

Ha, daun ketumbar jangan dilupa.. apa, daun parsley? emm...  jarang la beli daun omputih2 ni. hehe.

ps-  i'm so gonna put the recipe in the new label call "recipe magic"..sbb its kinda cheating recipe then siap.. macam magic and macam syok sendiri pun ade juga.. ohooho

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