Sunday, 2 December 2012

Playdough DIY - Kiss Salty Doughs

This was the last week activity. Had been kept this recipe quite a long time tapi just unconfident enough to try. Since last weeks she seems bored to death and kept disturbing her little brother i decided to occupy her time with this, the homemade playdough. Tapi, still tengok youtube dulu sebelum buat. Nampak sangat lah amaturnya kan..

Here's the ingredients which is very basic which you can always find it at home.. except the cream of tartar tu.. i beli kat Bakery supplies.

1 cup of fluor
1.5 cups of water
1 cup of salt
food colourings
1 tbsp full cream of tartar

Dumped it all except the food colourings into a pot. Api kecil.. constantly stir the mixtures untill it turn into....

this.. the process only took several minutes. Lets the dough cool.. kitaorang tak sabar tau..dah agak suam terus mix colour.

Divided into 4. Make a little hole into each dough and drops the colourings. Pastu uli2 sikit just to assemble the colours with the dough.

Tadaa..... Dah siap. Senang je. The whole process only took us less than half an hour je.

The first ever thing that she created was a..
Caterpillar.. tak aci betul. Less than 5 secs i passed the doughs to her, dah siap dah."mama, tengok my caterpillar. senang je."

Kiss the busy bees...

Dapatla.. setalam full of foodies. Tak payahla mama masak hari ni. Anak sapela yang rajin ni..hehe

ps-keep the doughs in airtight container in cool dark place. Boleh tahan 4-5 days.

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