Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lotus Desaru

Tips my frens upon making reservation to Lotus Desaru:

* please ask for Block A. its near to everything except the lobby (who cares, u only need it when checking in and out only). Near to the water theme park, beach, restaurant and cafe, gym and all the facilities.

* To Avoid, Ask wether they are having big scale guests like any family day, conducting teenagers bootcamp etc or else you will end up with long que and big crowd during breakfast and fighting for other facilities.

* Please bring proper swimming suits both for kids and adults, the pool guard can be quite strict with the policy,especially at the pool near the beach tu. blahhlaaa.. Ingat ni Hawaii Resort ke ape..? Ni malaysia la, sunway lagoon pon ok je minah2 arab turun pakai jubah bagai...pakai seluar panjangla dalam tu. takde nak tiup whistle pun. Blaaahhh.Blaaahhhh.Blahhhh.

But surprisingly the dress code policy was not apply at the water theme park.. i tengok releks je orang mandi pakai T-shirt and Treck. Ntah ape ntah..

* we rent a 3rooms apartment which includes in the package were 6 coupons for adult breakfast and 6 passes to water theme park and pool. But if you happened to bring more persons (like us) just ask them for extra passes upon checking in.In our case, i berjaya mintak lebih without additional payments, 5 extra passes.

oh,Still no worries if you were placed as far as Block M like us, they provided shuttle services every single minutes.. taking you to the pool, cafe etc. Fakhry addicted naik shuttle niii... ber-round2 kitaorang pusing,hehe.Jakun.ffg

They let us checked in at 1pm++, okaykan.. instead of official checking in time by 3pm.

Okay enjoy the pictures...

we book for 3 rooms apartment since my brother se-family will join us. Kiss suka ati, her cousins dah sampai..riuhhh babe.

Quite spacious la the room.. 1 room with king bed, 1 room with 2 super single bed and another room with a queen bed. Tapi another room tu tak snap gambar sbb opah sedang test tilam..errk.

The living hall. Noticed the ice box at the corner. The sofa is quite comfy too.

Abaikan beg tangan acu tu. Cer tengok penyapu and penyodok sampah tu.. Penting ye, nasib disediakan.. sebab everytime balik from the beach and swim, kena sapu, abiss berpasir2 satu rumah.

Fakhry je check bawah katil, while everybody checking out the apartments.

Unfortunately, i lupa nak snap dining hall and the small kitchen. They provided us kettle and microwave. Next time i bawak maggi jelahhh.. Just heat in that box.

Kiss swimming with her cousin Luqman. But Alif, tak nak mandi... Diaorang mandi sampai garing... tengah panas kan.. counting times masa ni, nak checkout 12pm.

While waiting for breakfast.. walk around the resort and beach... Kiss tu nampak luqman, cepat2 nak pergi juga..

Kiss gloomy face upon checking out.. Macamnilah muka dia evertime we checked out from any hotel... sedihhh je.Pastu nangis2 dalam kereta.. dah paham sangat dahh.

Okay.. tak banyak gambar. sebab i je ade effort nak snap2 gambar ni. Nak harap hubby.. jauhhhhhla.kalau dia pegang camera memang takdela gambar. asik lupa manjang. I lepas beranak pon amik gambar baby sendiri tau.. heheh. i dont mind.. asalkan ade gambar kenangan sudahhh.

On the way balik singgah the famous JPO tu.. Just to check out je and get a quick lunch.. Then, bermulalah perjalan balik KL yg sayupppp tu..

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