Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Desaru's Castle and "Papa" on the Swing

Eventhough, It was just a short holiday trip 3days and 2 nights to Desaru whilst Hubby had a meeting at Pasir Gudang, the kids still had so much fun from the vacation.
Of course its all because Atuk, Opah, Acu and some of their cousins joined togather for the trip.

Kiss and her Acu.. sayup mata memandang

This was our 2nd time to Desaru for this year, thanks to Darling Hubby having so much meetings down here, hence our family vacations were always be here.:P.Besarlah kemungkinan tahun depan kami bercuti kesini juga.

The first night we slept at Desaru Damai. An antics resorts.. full with story and once was glory. Its rhyme, eh. Yelah, once during 1980s the resort was rated up to 5 star resort.... mgmt gaduh gaduh, owner blah, resort left out, bats and creepy crawlies checking in, Kejora takeover, fixed here and there..and after years.. pooh!!! welcome guestsss!:).heheh

Atuk la cerita, dia kan suka interview semua orang.. tak kira bila and dimana jua.. asal usul resort pun dia sempat selidik, wah wah..

Okay.. lets the pichas tell the story mory morning glory..

Kiss checking out 'The vintage room'.. tapi sukerla hotel dulu-dulu ni.. floor carpet,big balcony facing sea, spacious room, every room with bath tub.. hotel skarang yang baru kena banyak star baru dapat bilik besar kann.. we got ours twin room.. ade pintu masuk bilik opah..yeay!Bolehla kecoh-kecoh..gaduh-gaduh,eh.

In the evening while waiting for the sunset. Fakhry enjoying the breeze.. then sebokk nak tolong his sister building the Sand Castle!!

To the rescue, Papa datang with recycled tools and all..

Papa siapelah ni..? OMG,So embarassing..

Sleeping time... malam tu layan AFF Suzuki, Thai vs Malaysia. Seb baik Seri. Bisingla papa and atuk maki hamun players. Haiish..cer main sendiri,pancitttt.

Excuse me, i nak feeling Ombak Rindu kejap ye..

Ok..the next day we all checked in to Lotus Desaru pulak.. oh, before that in the morning to kill the time while papa attend the meeting kitaorang berendamla kat pool hence no pictures sebab mama and Acu pon terjun tiruk juga.. oh, sikecik fakhry juga. he naturally loves the pool..susah nak angkat naik tu.. menjerit-jerit, serik sudah nak bawak madi lagi.

Next entry up pasal Lotus desaru pulak..Assalamualaikum.

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