Sunday, 2 December 2012

In The Middle of the Night....

Kiss muntah.. in the middle of the night, didn't know why. She already fall asleep and suddenlly waking up due to her cough. She coughed heavily for few minutes and screamed for me. "Mama, nak muntah!".. I was just lying down by then thinking that the 'mummy's tasks' was over for the day, quickly carried her out. Unfortunately, tak sempat sampai bilik air pun... she puked all over me,, :(

But it was stil good enough, i meant atleast i managed to save the bed from her pukes.(satu kerja pulak nak tukar bedsheet and all tengah2 malam kan, surely will disturb her little brother yang sedang lena) Clean ourself togather, Slipped into our clean pyamas. She kept crying during the sessions. convinced her that all the coughing and vomitting was not her fault at all.. kena pujuk, kalau tak macam sedih sangat pas muntah tu. With her sleepy mode and half eyes opened, i managed to gave her cough syrup and straightly sent her back to bed.

Untill now, tak dengar lagi dia batuk. Hopefully, she will sleeps soundly throughout the night.As for me, terus takleh tido dah.. Kiss memang macam ni lah.. kalau batuk2 sampai muntah-muntah. Then after that she vomitted all out, pastu terus tak batuk lagi. Nape ye. Memang macam tulah selalunya.. sampai da boleh agak dah. Bibik cakap sebab minum air soya tadi. Angin. Kiss memang tak boleh minum soya kalau perut kosong.. to make it worse, hari ni memang kurang makan.. Betulla kot angin tu.
She can be really fussy eater sometimes..

okaylah... this is seems like a whinning entry pulak.Sorry, nak ngadu juge.huhu
Felt so sleepy suddenly, nak tidur lah.

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