Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hugs and Kisses Are a Parent's Secret Weapon??

They stop misbehavior, moodiness, meltdowns the kids.

This is such an easy peasy parenting tips plus it is a sunnah too. I can hug them all day long.. my huggly wiggly beary bearies little bears..

You’ll be surprised at what a big bear hug can do:

•It opens up the doors of communication.

•It affirms love and acceptance.

•It builds self-esteem.

•It bridges generation gaps.

•It heads off potential conflicts.

•It makes people less defensive.

•It shows kindness and compassion.

•It demonstrates respect and value.

•It sets an example of patience and tolerance.

•It rejuvenates your day.

•It makes being a parent all worthwhile.

Source : From Aiparenting.com

Pic Kredit ; Google Image

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