Tuesday, 27 November 2012

While he sleeps in -Bubur Fakhry Grean Peas

Biasala.. before "His Royal Highness" wake up, the cook has to wake up first preparing his meal.

Very deep sleep. Suka tengok baby tido.. rasa nak join skali je,eh!!

Clockwise; Green Peas, Sweet Potatoes (keledek), Potatoes, Sawi, Ayam. Takde dalam gambar beras and ada letak daun bawang juga. (stock banyak katakan) bau bubur pon lebih masyukkk.

For the green peas i just bought the frozen one, macam ini.

Pernah baca dalam website baby mana ntah, frozen veggies is acceptable more than instant baby food dalam botol or kotak. Even,the nutrients in the frozen veggiese are not much destroyed compares to instant purees vegies for babies.Untuk kelainan kita try green peas pulak.

Biasanya nutrients from frozen veggies ni most likely reduced 5-10% je from the fresh ones.So, its ok kalau kita rajin beli sayur campur untuk nasi goreng kita. eh..lari topic.

The nutritional facts of green peas as below copied from wholesomebabyfood.com :

The nutritional value of peas is amazing when you think of the small size of a cup of peas. Did you know that one cup of peas contains more protein that a tablespoon of peanut butter and also provides Calcium, Vitamin A and C and Iron too.

These wonderful little vegetables are a great first "green" food for baby as they are nutritious, and mostly pleasant to eat. When making homemade peas for baby, you may find it tough getting the "skins" to puree smoothly. If this is the case and your baby is not used to textures yet, you might wish to run them through a strainer or sieve.

The Goodness of Peas
Peas (1 cup steamed/boiled)

Vitamin A - 955.2iu
Vitamin C - 22.72 mg
Niacin - 3.23 mg
Folate - 100.8 mcg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - .41 mg
Vitamin B6 - .35 mg

Contains other vitamins in small amounts.


Potassium - 433.6 mg
Phosphorus - 187.2 mg
Magnesium - 62.4 mg
Calcium - 43.2 mg
Sodium - 4.8 mg
Selenium - 3.0 mg
Iron - 2.5 mg
Zinc - 1.9 mg
Manganese - .8 mg

Also contains small amount of copper.

Gambar bubur dah masak takdela pulak.. tapi the colour still orange macam tu because the sweet potatoes colours sre still dominant.

Hmmm............ "Oppa Fakhry Sleeping Style"..o..oo..ooo..

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