Monday, 26 November 2012

Her Rainbow Cake, His 1st Pre-Birthday Celebration

A few days before, me and hubby kept talking about how fast time flies and Fakhry is turning one next month. My December baby. Kiss overheard us, and asking all sorts of questions like.. how old is he now? confused with months and year,( letih nak explain) and i just rather changed the subject to what kind of cake we shall bake for him instead.

She was so super excited about the cake and suggested .. apalagi daaa... BARBIE cake. Of course i said no.. your brother is a boy,honey. And started to google togather for the cake images.. we searched for Mickey cakes, Baby boy cakes, Ben10 cakes, Flower cakes and finally Rainbow cakes. We feast ourselves with hundreds of fancy cakes pictures and she was amazed with the most colourful cakes, the ultimate Rainbow cake. The decision has been made by the Queen a.k.a kakak Kiss that her little brother should have this cake for his 1st birthday.

Little that i knew, she want to bake the cake like... now. she kept "berzikir" i wanna bake it now eventhough we already explained again and again to her that the boy birthday is another month away.*sigh. Biasala.. kesian pulak rasanye.. i ended up buat juga.

Find a simple butter cake recipe, divided into 5 portions because i only have 5 types of food colouring only and its not even rainbow colours pun but who cares, siaplah juga..version pantas.. and i just need 1 baking tray only. *wink. (sambil senyum jahat). Yela..kalau betul punya rainbow cakes kena pakai 7 trays tau. Different colours with its own separate trays.. idokle,tak ghajin teman. as long the kakak puas hati sudah..

Very busy. She mix all the colours by herself sambil mulut pot pet non stop.

"Mama, kalau tak masak pon sedap juga,". "Jangan rasa banyak sangat, nanti sakit perut, ade ulat dalam perut nanti". Betulla.. kuman salmonella from the raw eggs,kan,kan..

Eh.. Where is the purple colour? Instead of layering them, i choose to dumped its all right away. Mama yang 'rajin' kan. Kiss doesn't notice the different pun. Tengok banyak colours pun dia dah excited habis. Tak ingat dah cakes images she did googled before.

Sorry.. picture blur.. hehe. try buat excuses nampak. Yes, the cakes memang messy. bukan salah gambar. Actually, i just made the buttercream, and Kiss did the decorating parts. Lilin and 'Happy Birthday' tag tu pon tak tau papa dia jumpe mana. i busy attend the baby.. nak nyusu lagi.. eh.excuses lagi for the messy cake.. hehe.

The proud sister adoring her cake. The unguilty baby. In order to satisfy the sister we sang the birhday song, forced the baby to blow the candle ...

and even cut the cake.....

Where is the purple colour gone,meh?.. Very thick layer of creams. i made only half portions of the cake recipe but full portion for the creams. LOL.

Why my purple colours appearance were so little? Where did the others go? Why oh why?

Kiss was so happy. After the cake cutting sessions she even gave a present to her little brother. (she just grabbed whatever toys next to her, erk). Even, the boy pun excited. So, here goes the pre-celebration of his 1st birthday. Cepattnye besar si kecik ni.. tak puas lagi ade baby.

The kakak Kiss request Mickey Mouse cakes la pulakkk..

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