Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Upin Ipin Las Kopek!!

I love to read biographies of great people no matter what types of fields they success in. Reading their roller coaster's ride before, and after their winning the trophies are so inspiring. Notice, some of them came from diverse backgrounds, poor or rich, graduated or left out, divorcee and single parent and the lists goes on, crawling or speeding yet they still managed to reach the top. Awesome la this peoples. The determinations and courages which usually starts with the objective as low as just to find "sesuap nasi" ended up with going home to a mansion and driving a luxury car. Cool huh.

All this while, i kept reading,getting inspired and all, starts planning a.k.a dreaming for my own successful story, close the book, getting back to the normal life, within few hours forget about it and demotivated. Then, read other biography of great people, getting inspired again, starts planning....and oooh who can see the pattern here?? I do.*sigh.

So,as an ice breaker, i decided to add in a new list in my routine patterns, to blog about it before i totally forget about it.haha. So, whenever i need motivation's recharge its just a click away.Bolehke macam tu?Insya-allah.

So here it is, my first other people's succesful story.

The Les Copaque's Founder.Article i read from The Star Biz Week, Saturday 10th November 2012. i jotted down a "rumusan" from the story from my humble point of understanding.

*The managing director,Mr. Burhanuddin Md. Razi was first a jobless with handsfull of money after selling his shares from an engineering company owned by him and a friend.
*Taking his own sweet times, played golf everyday, Thanks to his nagging wife asking him to get a job.See.. nagging is a good thing,man.
*Decided to carry on her daughter proposal on doing 3D animated tv series instead of a movie.(i liked that he gave his daughter chances to voice out her opinion and the most important things..listened, youngsters may comes out with fresh, genuine and brilliant ideas)
*Did some research, and notice that Asia was desperate for animation that is tailored to our own cultures and backgrounds. From there, the twin brothers Upin and Ipin's chararacters were born.
*Both husband and wife wrote down the scripts themselves and their first few episodes are my all time favourites,The Ramadhan's fasting one. And the rest is history, overwhelming respons, crowds hungry for more and sponsors.
*I learned that Upin Ipin last year were ranked 5th among fictional characters on Facebook worldwide, just under Mr.Bean and these were the characters to be in recognised in South East Asia.To add more, Disney Channel approach to on air the series as a first tier show like Mr.Bean.
*Their revenue apart from tv stations, are lots more from retail merchandises, collabrating with KFC,Carrefour,Petronas (big shots, i must say), musical theatre, food and beverages and the next big step is having their own Theme Park most likely in Sepang worth RM700millions.Super cool!!

The founder : Mr Burhanudin and his wife Puan Ainon

Feeling inspired and ambitious already? Most likely la... Every succesful story starts with a decision to make and risks to face of. Indeed, the couple did a brave decision by taking risks putting money in unfamilliar field of industry and trusts on experiences-less Multimedia Uni graduates students. thing for sure both of my kids glad upon the brave decision making..i rest my case.:)

Do not disturb us untill the show finish,ok!!

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