Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Them at 23 months.


Entry saje-saje.. round-round at the old folder pictures.. jumpa folder gambar Kiss @ 23 moths.
Well, Fakhry pun sekarang 23 mths.

In term of size, rasanya Fakhry lebih tinggi and besar. 
In terms of behaviour, err  Kiss was far well mannered girl rather than him plus manja and huggable too.
Fakhry ni manja juga.... tapi jenis manja mengada.. hishh.. lebih kuranglah.

At Port Dickson, kasut tu Kiss pakai masa 23 months, baru beli, 
well Fakhry pakai masa 16 months and now tak muat lagi..
such a big foot baby...!!

23 months.. kurussss

Indoor games at Jusco 

Indoor games @ house. pasang khemah.. and dia masuk, lie down, snoring kuat2, konon-konon masuk tidur. hihik

Wedding sis in law .. best baby girl, boleh beli flower girl dress kannn
and dress up sana sini...

"well... i'm too macho to dress up like that mum, after all i'm working at construction sites. hell no to fancy clothes" 

Wedding sis in law lagi..  masa ni everytime everywhere , gowns and more gowns please..!
kalau dah suka any gowns tu, me and hubby beli je, eventhough its cost more than our 3-4 pasang baju.
gilerr.. tapi puas.. tak nyesal pun..  Kiss kecik kejap je kan. 
dah besar no more gowns..  

  ps- masa i tengah sakit nak beranak Kiss, sakit la kan, anak pertama, my last motivations were liked, "c'mon, u can deliver this baby, think of the gowns u can buy for her and the many gowns u already bought for her.." 
ngeh ngeh,...  akhirnya, selamat bersalin. Alhamdulillah.

"no thank-you, i like my sleeveless and cottons mum. Buy me only this..ok!!!"  


last but not least..

 " hey, i'm just checking out the shopfloor! 
( him- throwing tantrums @ electrical shop in between washing machines..fuh )


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    1. memanglaa.. tapi tak se cute masa 3 yrs below..and now dia tanak gown kembang dah.. nak straight cut je.


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