Thursday, 21 November 2013


whats up with the tittle ?? 
macam nak carik gaduhhh je. 

Well i have this one grumpy baby... who easily got mad if we didn't listen to him. 
erghhh.. *sigh

and, we he was getting pissed off he will create below kind of scenes where ever we were
no matter what ...
he will just rolled over on the floor, screaming out of his lung and finally when we managed to carry him up, he will just sliding down from our hands like an eel. 
 and started to roll over again..

people around us will just gave us  this "stare" .. for FOC of course la..

and i kind of gave them my stare back.. 
"owh yess.. this boy is what??, get back to your business please..." 

and after so many times panicking whenever he starting those drama ssss, 
we were much more relax handling the situations and the free "looks" too.
siap boleh ambil gambar lagi...
ni untuk bila dia besar nanti... tgklaa sendiri..

tgh tunggu waffle masak kat Aeon Big. lambat.. so marah

Kat KIdzoona pun boleh merempan kannn 

kat mamak.. betapa kotornya lantai tu.
 ni dah brapa kali angkat tau. last2 i pasrah and amik gambar.

kat rumah.. ni ok. takde orang tengok.. hehehe

kat pizza hut .. makanan lambat sampai and he was hungry.

okay..seriously, please STOP mum.  .or i will publish the same when you are old and grumpy!! 
I mean it.. 


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