Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Happy 8th Years of You!!

Its been 8years.. 
Its used to be just the 2 of us..
Now...the number multiply to four!

On this date ..8 years ago
we had tie this knot...
There were times the knot became loose..
We managed to strengthen it back
with extra grip and setting up safety protocols to follow with

We learned that Jodoh are chosen from Allah
It is a fate that no man can change
Masya Allah... Allah the Greatest
Him  being a Match Maker no one can compare
How Amazing how HE knew completely who the right man for you
And Everybody in the Whole Wide World..
And I thank Allah... for that.


Lets do parenting together
Lets decide what to cook for today
Lets take turns to sleep and eat
Lets indulges with the circumstances every time we make a plan
Lets eat kids leftover together..
Lets work together for their future

Lets learn from mistakes
Lets look around togather for new Ilmu
For us to be a better person
For kids to have a reliable and deliverable parents.

HAPPY 8th Years of You.... to me!!
HAPPY 8th Years of Me..... to you!!

Good Luck haaaa....to Us. Cheers...

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