Thursday, 31 October 2013


This is totally 18 SX entry.. hahaha

So, one day while they were busy constructing their massive mess blocks, i noticed all her barbie's were all naked ..... wth? 

Mama : Kiss, nape semua barbie kiss tak pakai baju ni..?
Kiss : Tgh mandi kolam ni.. ni. kita buat kolam, slide..  (and began detailing her pool's construction job), 
ni teacher dia ajar mandi kolam..bla bla
Mama : owh....ok ok ok . 

Nak tengok ke.... sexy tau,!! ouchhh..


Barbie's Bubble Party 

The inventor

The little brother

Si adik just busy stacking piece by piece ...then ter"pecah" merengek.. buat balik.. repeat.

ps- sorry for the lack of updates.. tq,tq,tq  pada yang keep supporting  my little shop and Aurora products.
banyak lagi barang coming in sooon...and i ade re-stock some sold out items juga.. tunggu eh.
Busy nyaa... 

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